Aqua Biofloc Pro-(PR) Enzymes

Aqua Biofloc Pro-(PR) Enzymes


Packaging Type 1Kg Milky white standing pouch with ziplock
Color Off white
Shelf life 1 year
Pack Size 1 Kg

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Min. Order Quantity 25 Kilogram

Biofloc Pro- PR is an easy to apply, highly concentrated formula of probiotic and organic waste digesting microbes developed for use in fresh, brackish and salt water rearing and aquaculture and shrimp production.

Biofloc Pro- PR is a direct apply product containing all the necessary nutrients, enzymes and carbon to rapidly increase the population of beneficial and desirable microbes to improve shrimp health, survival and growth.

Biofloc Pro- PR work in three primary ways.

Increases immunity, health, and survival

  • The probiotic bacteria are consumed and inhibit attachment by bacteria like Vibrio, Streptococcus, and other gram-negative pathogens.
  • Proper application of Aqua Gut Pro-PR creates an immense colony of beneficial and desirable bacteria that dominate the bacterial community and out compete pathogenic bacteria through competitive exclusion.

Improves water quality

  • Reducing TDS and TSS improves water quality and reduces the need for water changes.
  • Consuming organic waste and uneaten food improves water quality by targeting the source of problems.

Removing organic waste

  • Organic waste is consumed by bacteria, used as nutrients, and finally metabolized into water, carbon dioxide, and bacterial biomass removing organic sludge.
  • Uneaten food is consumed by beneficial bacteria and these bacteria are consumed by shrimp increasing feed conversion rates.
  • Organic waste is no longer present to produce odors, sludge, or pollution improving pond bottoms in aquaculture shrimp production.


  • Aqua Gut Pro-PR to your operation increased survival, improved growth rates, and improved feed conversion rates are the most noted Aqua Gut Pro-PR is proven around the globe to increase survival up to 100%. Many operations have seen survival increase between 35% and 50%. Improved feed conversion and better water quality mean shrimp spend more energy adding weight rather than fighting disease and filthy conditions.
  • Increases in growth rates are documented between 10% and 35%. Feed tends to be the most expensive portion of production costs and improving feed conversion saves you money.
  • Other benefits include more consistent sized animals, improved stress tolerance, reduction or elimination of antibiotic use, reduced water exchanges, lower electrical demand, and improved flavor and texture.
  • Aqua Gut Pro-PR is reported to reduce the stress of Fish, shrimp and shrimp farmers. Including Aqua Gut Pro-PR offers peace of mind in knowing your crop is protected even if you are not there. You can sleep better knowing Aqua Gut Pro-PR is protecting your investment scientifically.
  • All of the benefits of using Aqua Gut Pro-PR result in increased yield and ultimately more profit in aquaculture shrimp production.
  • Animal Immunity: Through competitive exclusion the probiotic formula in Aqua Gut Pro-PR inhibits disease and pathogens and improves the animal’s ability to fend off infection. Improved water quality leads to reduced stress and more energy devoted to defend against illness.
  • Stress Tolerance: Improved water quality means a healthier living environment, and improved immunity allow animals to cope with stresses like temporary low oxygen events, transfers from nursery to grow out, etc.

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